2018 Help Us Reach Our Goal

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$100 K
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40 Days
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Feeling neighborly?

NC MedAssist Pancakes and Beer 5K is more than just pancakes and beer, it's a way to help our neighbors across North Carolina. An estimated 500,000 North Carolina residents do not have access to needed prescription medications - but with your help, NC MedAssist intends to reach at least 50,000 of those people, and provide access to live saving medications. About 63% of people in the healthcare coverage gap come from working households. That means they make too much money to qualify for medicaid, but not enough to afford health insurance. It costs, on average, about $200 per year for each patient. So every $200 raised means one more patient who can spend their money on groceries instead of medicine. It also means one more patient will remain healthy and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits due to lack of treatment. Which means lower healthcare costs for everyone! NC MedAssist services save North Carolina $74 million annually in healthcare cost avoidance.

Are you ready to help your neighbors?

Top Teams Donations Amount
Batson-Cook's Queen City Pour Boys 7 $2,700
USACS 14 $1,518.36
Team F3 1 $1,500
Carb Loaders 6 $1,350
Deloitte 15 $935.55
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2018 Help Us Reach Our Goal
Goal: $100,000
Top Teams:
Batson-Cook's Queen City Pour Boys
Team F3
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